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Studio400 Bookshow



Creating an ethereal book show experience STUCK was designed to embrace its visitors as they read Studio400’s thesis research books. Professor Karen Lange’s fifth year studio (more commonly known as Studio400) at California Polytechnic State University produced STUCK over four days in order to create an idealistic environment for the digestion of their thesis research from the fall 2014 quarter. The structure constructed out of thirty five miles of tape has two main atriums holding the books in popular book holders and multiple inhabitable tendrils and tunnels for readers to sit in. The design and structural integrity of the packing tape was tested though a series of mock ups in the studio prior to installation weekend. The tendrils, able to hold up to five people at at time, provided cozy spaces for reading and lounging.

Working with:

Professor: Karen Lange
Studio400: Derek Ramsey, Kyle Landau, Makai Johnson, Caleb Couch, Alex Buckthal, Parham Hakimi, Emily Saunders, Stephanie Thompson, Cameron Darr, Patrick Cordelle, Natalie Riccomini, Hilary Ardnt, Billy Schriber, Alexya Dack, Lauren Schultz, Meganne DesRosier, Adam Kogan

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